Hacking for Seven Years and Counting.

Even before the creation of the Werth Institute, UConn's flagship hackathon has been challenging students to think outside of the box since 2016. See below to find out more regarding each year's theme!

HackUConn 2023

Theme: Art Meets Technology

In Partnership With:



Number of Attendees: 165+
Student Participants: 101
Teams Formed: 20

Student participants begin hacking by utilzine the resources at the Innovation Zone!Adama Modi and Kenny Pineda, members of team "Werth Innovators" stand with the grand prize check in their hands.Two students stand at in front of their presentation slides at HackUConn 2023A student stands before the audience of HackUConn demonstrating their innovation by wearing their prototype, a pair of "smart glasses"Two students stand at in front of their presentation slides at HackUConn 2023Members of the HackUConn Planning Team pose for a photo!A large crowd fills the Idea Lab room of UConn's Werth Tower Residence Hall!A group of studnets stand around a desk with a student holding up a laptop as they begin planning their innovationStudents presenting in front of their slides at HackUConn 2023All teams at HackUConn pose for a photo at the end of the awards ceremony.Students presenting in front of their slides at HackUConn 2023Students creating art with 3D printing pensPicture of keynote speaker and mentor Paul Spirito talking with student participants during the Idea Jam.Picture of keynote speaker and mentor Jorge Paricio Garcia talking with student participants during the Idea Jam.Picture of keynote speaker and mentor Edward Weingart talking with student participants during the Idea Jam.

HackUConn 2023 Winners

First Place:

Team Name: Werth Innovators
Team Innovation: Amplify, an application/service that connects musicians to venues and studio owners to expand networks and make live music booking and the recording process easier.
Team Members: Adama Modi and Kenny Pineda
Team Prize: $2,000

Second Place:

Team Name: Giant Steps
Team Innovation: Comic Bot, an AI powered "choose your own story" comic creator with AI generated illustrations.
Team Members: Antonio James Butler, Nikhil Ghosh, Reiner Reichenberger, and Colin Acerbi
Team Prize: $1,000

Third Place:

Team Name: Proof by Induction
Team Innovation: Doodle Diagnostics, a website application that de-stresses users through art while collecting important health data.
Team Members: Ryan Lagasse, Clare Inyang, Karina Jadia, Kellynn Hill, and Mubarak Oshomah
Team Prize: $500

Crowd Favorite:

Team Name: Doomfist
Team Innovation: ContraBriefs, a contraceptive for men in the form of boxers that utilizes constant heat and electrostatic potentials to induce azoospermia.
Team Members: Adam Florkiewicz,Logan Lee, Aarya Vasantlal, and Edward Malakh
Team Prize: Grab bags from Focus Brands


HackUConn 2022

Theme: Innovate Well-Being
Participants: 53
Teams: 13

Sponsors: Travelers, The Hartford, Cigna, Synchrony, Wellspark, Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CCEI), Sociology Department, Philosophy Department, Global Affairs, InCHIP, Asian American Cultural Center, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs,and Student Health and Wellness

HackUConn 2022 Winners

First Place:

Team Name: Free Spirits
Team Innovation: "Real Life Situations Without Real Life Consequences." - Utilizing virtual reality to simulate real life situations that will improve the mental health of students, tailored to them.
Team Members: Adira Behmlander, Michael Galan, Justin Leung, Ian Givens, and Ibrahima Capo-Chichi
Team Prize: $1,000

Second Place:

Team Name: D-Block
Team Innovation: SurroundSound, an anonymous platform for sharing songs based on a person's current emotion that helps relieve stress and to release negative emotion.
Team Members: Rashmi Pai, Peter Alonzo, Ross Relator, and Bryan Lojano
Team Prize: $500

Third Place:

Team Name: Thrive
Team Innovation: Thrive, a service that develops community focused care to foster the emotional and physical well-being of students on campus.
Team Members: Aditya Dubey, Amisha Paul, and Mansi Dhond
Team Prize: $250

Crowd Favorite:

Team Name: Touch Grass
Team Innovation: Agora, an application that brings people together with similar interests and skill levels through gamification.
Team Members: Kenny Pineda, Joseph Pereiro, Maxime Pindrys, Peter Redwood, Wilklein Millien
Team Prize: StarMind Journals

HackUConn 2021 Event Details

Theme: Innovating Sustainability
Participants: 77 (Undergraduate & Graduate Students)
Teams: 18
Mentors: 27
Workshops: 10
Sponsors: Gawlicki Foundation, Travelers, The Hartford, Cigna, Synchrony, Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CCEI), Sociology Department, Philosophy Department, Global Affairs

HackUConn 2021 Winners

First Place & Popular Vote:

Team Name: EcoCrib
Team Innovation: EcoCrib is a centralized dorm energy usage and carbon footprint platform for UConn residents. Using IoT and Augmented Reality, it incentivizes reducing and tracks carbon footprints in dorm rooms and campus buildings.
Team Members: Aditya Dubey, Rohan Parikh, Sunny Sarker, Sushant Raj, Akash Binoj
Team Prize: $2,500 & Friendship Lamp

Second Place:

Team Name: Atlas
Team Innovation: Thermoelectric Floor the eliminate energy loses in older buildings.
Team Members: Megan Walsh, Kiera Burns
Team Prize: $2,000

Third Place:

Team Name: HuskyPower
Team Innovation: We're capitalizing on human activity on bikes in the UConn Rec Center as an energy source and further educating students through an interactive app that tracks and rewards activity.
Team Members: Charlotte Chen, Sebastian De Los Santos, Ben Gladstone, Adelle Biondi
Team Prize: $1,500

Best Tech Hack:

Team Name: Sea Breeze
Team Innovation: A novel combination of vertical farming and seaweed farming in a two-racked system in order to create a sustainable, financially profitable negative emissions tool.
Team Members: Mansi Dhond, Amisha Paul
Team Prize: GitHub Swag & No Bounds Bluetooth Speaker

Most Creative Hack:

Team Name: ICUC Towing
Team Innovation: Worked on a machine learning model that aims to detect if a parking lot still has some space. It does this by using video feed from pre-existing surveillance cameras. The aim is to reduce the carbon footprint by avoiding unnecessary rides that one may have to take in order to find a parking spot.
Team Members: Syed Kaleem, Shariq Khan, Bilal Ahmad, Jalal Faraj
Team Prize: Solar Charging Panel

Most Sustainable Hack:

Team Name: EcoHomies
Team Innovation: Our group worked on a solution in UConn's open spaces to promote pollinator populations and biodiversity on campus. We created the idea of a "Green Ladder" that takes advantage of empty spaces like rooftops to increase pollinator populations wherever we can.
Team Members: Hailey Baranowski, Jonathan Dias, Mark Frederiksen, Alejandro Garcia-Rivera, Isaac Betts
Team Prize: LARQ Bottle

Program History

The UConn Entrepreneurship and Innovation Society held its first hackathon, HackUConn 2016 Smart Cities, on April 1 and 2. Hackathons are an opportunity for designers, engineers, and other interested individuals to come together and innovate hardware and software solutions to real problems. These have become regular events at institutions known for their innovative nature and this event demonstrates UConn’s support for hackathons and their relevance to learning.

Past Events

Art Meets Technology: HackUConn 2023

Innovate Well-Being: HackUConn 2022

Innovating Sustainability: HackUConn 2021

Healthcare and Technology (Innovating Wellness): HackUConn 2019

Allergies: HackUConn 2017

Smart Cities: HackUConn 2016