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NetWerx is a launchpad for students with big dreams. We recognize that if one day an individual would like to become an entrepreneur, that the pathway to success is through building a network early on. Through hand-selected mentorship students are connected with UConn alumni who act as dedicated personal champions prepared to listen, provide guidance, and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit within.

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Are you an undergraduate student at UConn looking to get more comfortable talking to professionals or do you need help building out a business idea? If so, you should join NetWerx - the ultimate networking program which connects students virtually to alum!

Stop by the Werth Institute's office located on the first floor of the Wilbur Cross Building anytime during our office hours and you will walk out connected to an alum! If you have any questions please email

Drop-in times:

  • Mondays 2pm-4pm
  • Wednesday 12pm-2pm
  • Fridays 10am-12pm

The NetWerx Mentality

We are committed to creating mentor and mentee relationships that result in meaningful connections and mutually rewarding collaborations. Discussion topics between mentor and mentee matches include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Goal setting, problem solving and the development of a solution-oriented approach
  • Interview preparedness
  • Career strategizing & how to attract opportunities
  • Networking strategies
  • Personal branding
  • Lifestyle habits that improve self-motivation, self-confidence and self-awareness


NetWerx: Unique One-on-One Program Brings Alumni and Undergrads Together

'Everyone has a unique thing that they can learn from you and your experiences'. Read on UConn Today!

Mentor Industries

Our selected mentors come from a variety of backgrounds, experiences and professional industries which include, but are not limited to:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Company Management (C-Suite)
  • Consulting (Business Development)
  • Content Creators
  • Creative Arts, Writing, etc
  • Customer Success and Customer Service
  • Data Analysis
  • Engineering (Physical & Software/Tech)
  • Finance
  • Founder & Start-Up
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance
  • Law & Policy
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Non-Profit & Community Impact
  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Psychology, Polyscience, Communications, Sociology, Literature, etc
  • Sales & Strategy
NetWerx Coaches Connection Chart

Meet a Few of Our Mentors

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Brianna Regine Walston
Brianna Regine Walston

Brianna graduated from UConn’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences as a Communication major. While in school, Brianna worked with a variety of businesses within the start-up, mid-size, corporate, and retail industries--all of which contributed to the skills she actively implements today.  During her senior year, she founded Brianna Regine Visionary Consulting (BRVC), a strategic communications and marketing agency catered to enhancing the infrastructure, cohesiveness, engagement and longevity for business owners and creatives. Generally, Brianna enjoys fulfilling her purpose by connecting with others through mentorship, workshops and speaking opportunities for platforms such as: "Power Hours" at Rutgers University, moderating CT Office of The Arts' READI Talks series featuring a National Director at Sony Music, and moderating a panel featuring playmakers from Obama's White House, Instyle Magazine and Sirius XM.

I joined the NetWerx program because I love empowering the voices of others and guiding them towards living an intentional life. I believe my purpose is to serve others and it’s an honor to be doing so for Uconn students. Also, I appreciate how NetWerx promotes an entrepreneurial mindset which is essential for creating a lifestyle that’s rewarding, consistently progressing and legacy-driven.”

- Brianna Regine Walston

Bianca D'Agostino
Bianca D'Agostino

Bianca graduated from the UConn School of Business as a Management major with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. Since then she has worked at one of the largest consumer goods companies in the world, a small-but-mighty creative agency in CT, and is now a part of AdAge’s Media Agency of the Year in Boston. Throughout these experiences, Bianca has learned how to find her passion and carve out her own path, as well as set goals and persevere to reach them as she continues her career journey. Bianca loves to hear what about her mentees goals, hopes, and dreams are and provide any bit of insight she can to help them along your way.

I joined the NetWerx program as a mentor because I can't wait to be on a fellow husky's team. Having this program housed under the Werth Institute sets the tone of how to build a career and a life around an entrepreneurial mindset, allowing us mentors to cultivate creative ideas and plans alongside our mentees.

- Bianca D'Agostino

Evan Wexler
Evan Wexler

Evan Wexler is a non-Profit and Higher-Ed professional who has been actively involved on the logistics, operations, and processes side of nonprofits since his teenage years.  Evan currently works full time for the Slifka Center at Yale University where he ensures the effective use, upkeep, and growth of technical systems and engagement strategy to support the security and impact of the organization.  Evan cares deeply about supporting others in their professional journeys, and uses his mix of a technical background and training experience to help those around him work (and thrive) as efficiently as possible.  Evan’s passion and drive to support inclusion and equity for everyone drove him initially to the nonprofit sector, and continues to propel him forward with individual mentorship and coaching - as he sees one-on-one collaborations being the strongest way to build true equity in the long run.

“I love helping others discover their path, gain a footing, and start off to where they want to go.  Redefining success for personal goals rather than societal images is something that needs to be done on a personal basis, and I am so lucky to be able to support those reflections with the people I work with.”

- Evan Wexler

How Can Alumni Become Involved?

One-to-One Mentoring

Student and Alumni Connections

One-to-one mentoring conversations where individuals meet with students over video chat. The time commitment requires two, thirty-minute sessions over the course of one month. The connection is intended to promote soft-skill building, networking, goal setting, and entrepreneurial mindset exploration.


Group Mentoring

Mentoring Circles

Informal small group mentoring conversations between students and UConn Alum working in an entrepreneurial technology, healthcare, or business industry.

During this time conversations are centered around the industry professional’s personal pathway to leadership, networking, career and life lessons learned. Typically, the chats take place on Monday or Wednesday at 2:00 pm EST and are reserved for 8-12 students. This intimate virtual setting provides the space for students to personally engage with the mentor by asking questions during the hour-long chat.

A Few Past Alumni Speakers:

Rob Andrews ‘06 Head of Analytics, Messaging at Facebook
Dr. Lance Baldo ‘98 Chief Medical Officer of Adaptive Biotechnologies
Michael Cocuzza ‘10 Founder and CTO of Enviro Power Inc.
Amy Errett ‘79 Founder & CEO of Madison Reed and Partner of True Ventures
Brian Paganini ‘03 Vice President & Managing Director at Quantum Biopower
Keith Reynolds Founder & CEO of, LLC and Author of The New Content Culture
Jimmy Tang ‘11 Head of Strategic Planning at Twitch

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Are you a UConn Alum and would like more information on how to become involved with NetWerx?

Contact Julie Gehring, Director of Mentorship and Student Development at

Are you a UConn student and would like more information on how to become involved with NetWerx?

Contact Ian Bender, Match Support Coordinator at


CT Next Logo The Werth Institute was awarded a grant through CTNext to pilot and develop NetWerx that allows the team the capacity to cultivate relationship building opportunities and enhanced networking programs for UConn students.