Disruptive Innovation.

At The Werth Institute, we experiment and innovate to make the UConn experience the best it possibly could be. By focusing on solution-oriented initiatives that address both societal and University community challenges, we remain nimble and constantly seek to address the question:  "If we don't try, who will?"  We're here to try things that others won't, can't, or haven’t done by testing, iterating, and modifying- continually challenging what may be possible in higher education.  

Below are programs currently under incubation at The Werth Institute, which will eventually either become stand-alone offerings or housed by a University partner.  Also listed are some of our previous incubations, including Hillside Ventures and the Stamford Startup Studio.

Current Incubations

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Unemployment for neurodivergent adults runs at least as high as 30-40% which is three times the rate for people with disability, and eight times the rate for people without disability. Exact figures are unknown because there are few resources that track the specifics of unemployment among a wide range of neurodiversity, not just autism but also ADHD, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia and many other neurological differences. Read about CNDEI services.

Championship Labs

Whether turf or court, track or ice (and everything in between), Championship Labs is here to support UConn students as they explore entrepreneurial applications surrounding their personal branding businesses. Sign up with Championship Labs.

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A multi-semester experiential learning program, HealthWerx is a launching point designed to train and educate health-oriented students, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to address the continually evolving needs of the healthcare field. HealthWerx is a collaboration between Hartford HealthCare and The Werth Institute. Check out HealthWerx opportunities.


ClimateWerx is a cohort based, multi-semester experiential learning program supporting participants in transforming their passions in sustainability and climate change into action. Students develop a solid foundation in understanding sustainability challenges, exploring topics including renewable energy, climatological research, and sociological implications of climate transitions through an interdisciplinary lens. Learn about ClimateWerx's Impact.

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Werth Pictures

With a focus on professionalism and excellence, our team of filmmakers and storytellers is dedicated to producing compelling documentary films that capture the essence of UConn's academic endeavors, research initiatives, and cultural richness. From groundbreaking scientific discoveries to impactful community outreach programs, we shine a spotlight on the remarkable stories that unfold within the University of Connecticut. View Werth Pictures' projects.

Previous Incubations

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Hillside Ventures

Hillside Ventures is a student-led venture fund with a $1 million portfolio. It offers students a groundbreaking opportunity to gain practical experience in investing actual funds into promising startups. The first of its kind in the academic realm, Hillside Ventures stands as a trailblazer in shaping the future of inclusive and innovative investment practices. Learn more about Hillside Ventures.

UConn Stamford students talking at the Werth Institute Suite. April 6, 2022. (Sean Flynn)

Stamford Startup Studio (S3)

The Stamford Startup Studio is a two-semester entrepreneurial working co-op experience for undergraduates. Eight of UConn’s most talented and motivated students comprised the initial cohort in 2021-2022, working together to create technologies & products for the real estate and construction industry. Learn more about S3.

Students relaxing in lawn chairs on Aug. 31, 2021. (Sean Flynn/UConn Photo)

Exploring the Entrepreneurial Perspective Pop-Up Course

Entrepreneurship is not only transforming our economy, but the ways that we work, and the challenges we confront. With 15 faculty contributors, this 1-credit course introduces students to entrepreneurship as well as programs and resources available to support them. Offered online, over 2,500 students were enrolled in the course over the 2022-2023 academic year. Learn more about the course.

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Daigle Labs

Daigle Labs is the first university research center dedicated to organizational science and the first to have a research division dedicated to computing & organizational behavior. Our cutting-edge organization research and development projects bolster economic growth across the globe and address the biggest challenges facing humanity: economic inequality, climate change, food security, loneliness, and A.I. Learn more about Daigle Labs.