2023 Werth Innovators

Victoria Almazan
Victoria is a junior majoring in Psychological Sciences and English with a minor in Human Development and Family Sciences. As part of UConn, Victoria has been the treasurer and member of the scholastic resources committee of First Generation Club. She also was awarded a SHaW seed grant to fund the creation and implementation of the Mind Body Wellness Workshop Series for Stamford students. Most prominently, Victoria was a research assistant in the Family Resilience and Mindfulness Empowerment (FRAME) Lab under Dr. Na Zhang. She was recently awarded an IDEA grant to fund her independent research project on Latina mothers and co-residential grandparents’ communication as it relates to parenting under the mentorship of Dr. Cristina Mogro-Wilson, PhD, MSW. Through her involvement on campus, Victoria was awarded the Stamford Emerging Leader of the Year award in Spring 2023. When she’s not busy studying and researching, Victoria stays on campus playing with her dog, Elvis, reading, and finding new vegetarian recipes to try. As a Werth Innovator, Victoria hopes to combine entrepreneurship with her passions for mental health equity and accessibility.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/victorialmazan/

Katelyn Archambault
Katelyn Archambault is going to be a sophomore during the 23-24 school year at UConn. She is originally from Connecticut and attended Pathways Academy of Technology and Design for highschool. While she is currently undecided, she hopes to major in Mechanical Engineering or Material Sciences with a minor in manufacturing. A passion she found through the classes she took at her highschool as well as the manufacturing internship she held in the past. She enjoys the arts and you can catch her creating a piece of art, making something or playing an instrument. Her hobbies also include hiking, reading, or exploring a new place with friends. Currently Katelyn is working as a Process Engineering intern, and will be joining the Makerspace team at UConn in the fall. Through the positions she currently holds she hopes to learn more and advance her skills within her field, while helping and working with others. Katelyn’s current dream job is currently a place of employment that will allow her to continue to participate in the process of creating new things or fixing current items. As well as allow her to travel and keep learning about the world and others around her.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katelyn-archambault/

Allen Counts
Introducing Allen Counts, a student with a strong entrepreneurial drive. He is passionate about learning and personal growth as he charts his path in the business world. Allen's diverse interests define his dynamic personality. Books are Allen's constant companions, offering insights and fueling his creative thinking. Whether immersed in business strategies or captivating fiction, he believes in the transformative power of literature. Outside the realm of books, Allen's adventurous spirit finds expression through biking. Exploring the world on two wheels energizes his mind, sparking innovative ideas. Among his diverse interests, finance holds a special place for Allen. He recognizes its crucial role in business and seeks to understand financial management to build ventures that are both innovative and financially sustainable. Driven by curiosity, an adventurous spirit, and a keen eye for opportunities, Allen Counts is determined to make his mark as an entrepreneur. He embraces challenges and eagerly anticipates a future full of exciting possibilities.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/allen-counts/

Joseph Foy
Joseph Foy III is a dedicated student at the University of Connecticut's School of Business, where he is pursuing a degree in finance. As a Werth Innovator, he eagerly embraces new opportunities for growth. Beyond his academic pursuits, Joseph's life is anchored in his Christian faith, which guides his actions and values. In addition to his studies, Joseph finds fulfillment in a diverse range of interests. He enjoys engaging in sports, appreciating films, and exploring the world of auto-motives. These passions provide him with inspiration and a well-rounded perspective on life. With a goal to learn from those around him, Joseph strives to make a positive impact on the world. Through a combination of his strong educational background and the experiences gained at UConn he hopes to develop his skills further, and gain new ones. Joseph is determined to not only tackle challenges, but remain open to new ideas and fresh perspectives. His academic prowess, passion for finance, and diverse interests make him a well-rounded individual ready to leave a lasting mark in his field. In sum, Joseph is a dedicated student at UConn's School of Business. He embraces opportunities for growth and finds joy in sports, films, and auto-motives. With a strong educational background and a drive to make a positive impact, Joseph is poised to excel in any industry he finds himself.

Julia Ghagare
Julia Ghagare is a sophomore Marketing major and tentative Economics minor in the Honors Program from South Windsor, CT. Julia is a first-gen American college student and eldest daughter of Mexican and Indian parents. She enjoys biking and reading books from inspirational females authors in her free time. In the UConn community, Julia strives to be heavily involved in activities that support the student body's success and development. Julia serves as Vice President of External Relations for UConn Women in Business, member of the Special Events Committee in SUBOG, UNIV Facilitator for UNIV 1784 (a first-year Honors experience course), Mentor for the Financial Literacy Innovation Program (F.L.I.P.), volunteers for Husky Ambassadors, and works as an Intramural Official at the Rec Center. As a Werth Innovator, Julia wants to explore sustainability through an entrepreneurial lens, or in other words, ecopreneurship. Her eyes are set on discovering ways to change population habits surrounding overconsumption/production, and increase awareness of the environmental impacts caused by consumer choices. Leadership, authenticity, and persistence have been the cherished values contributing to Julia's success and will continue to be the driving forces behind her goals.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliaghagare/

Nikhil Ghosh
Nikhil is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science with the goal of using technology to support people. Currently, he is working on GoalTac, a UConn-based startup encouraging people to complete their tasks by unifying a productivity app with motivators like social accountability and gamification. In GoalTac, Nikhil leads a small team in software development, business strategy, marketing, and research, and also works in recruiting and networking. He has previously worked in teaching, business development, bookkeeping, and customer service roles. Nikhil's recent projects include prototyping an AI graphic novel generator at HackUConn and leading a semester of calculus classes as a Supplemental Instructor. In the UConn community, he is involved as a Floor Mentor in the Public Health Learning Community, an E-board leader in the club Diversability, and a volunteer at the Storrs Congregational Church food pantry. Nikhil is an explorer passionate about well-being and relationships. He joined Werth Innovators to cultivate his entrepreneurial mindset and enhance his ability to create value for others through innovative products and services. He is excited to grow and connect with others in this community.

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/n-ghosh

Hannah Ginste
As a writer, music lover, smoothie enthusiast, and a pluviophile, Hannah is thrilled to begin her adventures as a Werth Innovator and put her entrepreneurial ambitions to the test. She's currently a rising sophomore at UCONN, aiming to study in the business school and continue to learn more about communications/public relations, anthropogenic global climate change and solutions, and programming throughout her academic career. Seeking to connect people and make the environment around her a happier, more accepting place, Hannah hopes to unite her creative aspirations with her dreams for a better world and create positive change for women, college students, and anybody else she happens to meet along the way :). In her free time, Hannah enjoys songwriting and playing her guitar and ukulele, skateboarding, spending time with her family and two dogs, and being outside in nature as much as possible!

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hannahginste/

Brianna McCalla
Currently a rising sophomore, Brianna is an Honors student who is majoring in her own course of study. Her major, Individualized: Epidemiological Focus in Occurrence of Disease, Determinants, & Application investigates the distribution of health and disease conditions. She is also seeking a dual degree in Healthcare Management. Throughout the pandemic, she conducted research on the correlation between media polarization of U.S. politics and the initial COVID-19 response. By doing this, she was able to analyze bipartisanship effects on the COVID-19 response in the United States. In that research, formed an understanding of the multifaceted health issues surrounding the pandemic. In her free time, Brianna volunteers as a Blood Donor Ambassador for the American Red Cross Southeastern Pennsylvania Region to support one of the most significant shortages in the post-pandemic world. On campus, she has leadership positions in the Student Union Board of Governors, TedXUConn, and will be a facilitator for freshmen in Honors. As a Werth Innovator, Brianna hopes to utilize the support to create initiatives related to facilitating conversations surrounding health.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brianna-mccalla-044a65250/

Tina Ngo
Tina is a sophomore Business Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship Major and a prospective Real Estate Minor. Tina is an administrative assistant for Global Business Programs in the Dean’s Suite of the business school; at this position, Tina and her team function as a hub for all global business related information such as study abroad opportunities, networking opportunities, internships, and scholarships. Through her experience at Global Business Programs, Tina has gained immense knowledge on global business concerns and also learned how to integrate into a corporate setting. Tina has helped to direct and lead Global Business Ambassadors, a community of like-minded individuals who have a passion for international issues and sustainability. Tina is also Vice President of the Net Impact Undergraduate Chapter, a new SOLID organization on campus that she is excited to initiate. Tina was also an editor for Her Campus where she wrote articles pertaining to fashion and lifestyle. In her free time, Tina loves to read and indulge in art. She also is an avid traveler and an ambitious individual.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tinamngo/

Spencer Thompson
Spencer is a rising sophomore, studying economics. He is active on campus participating in the UConn Investment Banking Society, Fed Challenge, Finance Society and other student groups across UConn. Spencer enjoys traveling and has a particular passion for international business. He previously studied in Ghana, working with various fintech, supply chain, and commodity companies, based in Accra. He is currently studying in London, where he will intern with a local consultancy group. In his free time, Spencer enjoys reading, spending time with friends, and trying new experiences. After his studies, Spencer is aspiring to a master's in quantitative economics.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/spencer-thompson-69ab4924a/

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