Innovating an upstream approach to health education.

A multi-semester experiential learning program, HealthWerx is a launching point designed to train and educate health-oriented students, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to address the continually evolving needs of the healthcare field.

Engaging in real-world learning opportunities, students are able to deepen their understanding of the complexities surrounding the health of a community, developing innovative solutions with a focus on proactive interventions and preventive measures. HealthWerx was created through a collaborative partnership with Hartford HealthCare.

2023 HealthWerx Cohort members at Hartford HealthCare


Throughout the Spring semester, students participate in a weekly two-credit seminar-style course to build build peer-to-peer connections and construct a foundational knowledge necessary for involvement in HealthWerx. The course engages deeply with multidisciplinary topics including unequal access to care, individual-level medical disparities, social determinants of health, and evaluation of current upstream mitigation measures.


Over the Summer, students are placed at health-oriented startups in Connecticut as well as at Hartford HealthCare, experiencing first-hand what entrepreneurship and innovation means.

In collaboration with Connecticut Innovations, 2023 internship placements included Oova, Kibu (formerly HomeField Fit), IntelliHealth, NourishedRX, and Hartford HealthCare Innovation.

HealthWerx Cohort gardening at the Chrysalis Center in Hartford


Throughout the program, students in the cohort identify, explore, and create unique opportunities for innovation within community-based health across Connecticut, applying learnings to ideate solutions for some of the most relevant problems of today.
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HealthWerx is made possible through a collaborative partnership between Hartford HealthCare and The Werth Institute, with support from CTNext and Connecticut Innovations.


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