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What is the University Council?

The University Council for Neurodiversity Employment brings together Higher Education professionals and employers to support ongoing work to improve employment outcomes for neurodivergent collegiate students and recent graduates, including best practices for career development, work experience, recruiting, and more.

For Employers

Connect in one place with university professionals working with neurodivergent students across campuses and build relationships to help with career development and job opportunities for ND students.

For Universities

Expand or supplement the career support you offer to neurodivergent students and alumni through University Council resources. Share and contribute to education, programming and resources.

Meetings and live virtual discussions that support ongoing relationship building and discussion between and among schools and employers

Email communications and University Council website that deliver news, resources, and key information to council member schools and, when applicable, employers

Annual Symposium that brings together companies and universities for a full-day workshop to move the work forward in an in-person and hands-on format.

Innovative programming, ideas, and resources developed in collaboration with council members that create opportunities, support, and solutions for members and ND job seekers where none currently exist.

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Introducing the NCN

TheNeuro-inclusive Candidate Network (NCN) brings together ND college students across campuses and delivers content and opportunities to them that targets career empowerment and preparation. The NCN was developed in response to employers, universities, and students all expressing a need for a more efficient way to connect, access knowledge and resources, and build relationships aimed at improving career outcomes. Universities can utilize the NCN to supplement the career support they already offer the ND student and alumni community on their campuses.

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2023 Action Report

A recap and action plan based on the 2023 Neurodiversity Employment Symposium, sponsored by Wells Fargo
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Career Readiness Course

Designed for neurodivergent students, this course syllabus helps jumpstart efforts on your campus today.
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Neurodiveristy Career Experience

Our playbook guides companies and schools step-by-step through running their own neurodiversity career experience partnership
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Meeting Notes for November 14, 2023

We reviewed our mission, how we operate, and revealed a new University Council website. The slide deck, meeting recording, and chat transcript is available now. Read more.


2nd Annual Neurodiversity Employment Symposium

Employers and universities gathered together in Nashville on October 17, 2023. Highlights from the 2023 Neurodiversity Employment Symposium, including slides and notes are now available. Read more.


Webinar with NITW from October 5, 2023

We teamed up to bring much needed education and training to professionals in higher education career services who want to better support autistic and neurodivergent students on their campuses. Read more.

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UConn’s Center for Neurodiversity and Employment Innovation (CNDEI) is committed to exponentially growing the number of employers that offer meaningful career opportunities for bright, neurodivergent individuals nationwide. Which also means we work hand-in-hand with universities to support them however we can in successfully identifying, preparing, and connecting these talented individuals.

Learn more about the UConn CNDEI