Member Update | October 5, 2023


Webinar with NITW

University of Connecticut’s Center for Neurodiversity & Employment Innovation and Neurodiversity in the Workplace (NITW) teamed up to bring much needed education and training to professionals in higher education career services who want to better support autistic/ND students on their campuses.
Webinar Flyer

Higher numbers of autistic/neurodivergent (“ND”) students are attending college, and campuses are making huge strides in implementing more inclusive and supportive educational experiences. However, when it comes to career services, it can be difficult for universities to get the knowledge and resources they need to serve this student population most effectively.

This webinar series is geared to higher ed professionals who do not specifically work with autistic/ND students as their primary role, but who do support and serve all students as part of their job function in career services.  We also welcome Autism/ND Program Professionals and Disability Service Providers from campuses, but the webinar content is developed to provide foundational information about autism and neurodiversity that these individuals may already know.


  • Interactive format for applied learning and questions. Enrollment limited to enable full discussion and breakout rooms.
  • Registration link here.

Topics we will cover:

  • What does neurodiversity mean? And how does it “show up” in the context of college career services and the job search?
  • How to know when a student is neurodivergent (and whether it matters in order to help)
  • How to educate and empower autistic/ND job seekers for a successful employment search
  • Translating educational accommodations into self-advocacy in interviews and the workplace
  • Dealing with gaps in resumes
  • Understanding helpful responses to unique behaviors

We'll be re-running the career services training in Spring 2024 and offering an ongoing way for university career services to engage in training around how to best provide career support services to ND students on their campus.