Member Update | October 17, 2023


Recap: 2nd Annual Neurodiversity Employment Symposium

Included in this 2023 Neurodiversity Employment Symposium Report is a summary of what we did that day. It is also a call to action. There are ideas we discussed that require us to act on them.
2023 NDE Symposium Action Report

There is much to be done to continue the momentum we all felt several Tuesdays ago when we gathered in a ballroom to work on solutions that put more neurodivergent brains into our workforce. This action report is meant to help continue that work.

Use this report as a bridge to your next steps. And do not hesitate to call on UConn CNDEI or the University Council of which we are all a part, for support or collaboration!

The team and I at the UConn Center for Neurodiversity and Employment Innovation appreciate your time, dedication, input, creativity, and collaboration on this important work.

So, thank you. Thank you so much.

To Wells Fargo and Stephen DeStefani, who made that day possible for all of us, and for their unwavering commitment to UConn and the work. Thank you.